On the Cover: Gabriel Sherman on the Revenge of Roger Ailes’s ‘Angels’

New York Magazine’s September 5-18, 2016 issue cover Photo: Bobby Doherty / New York Magazine

For the cover story of New York Magazine’s September 5–18, 2016, issue, Gabriel Sherman, national affairs editor for New York and biographer of Roger Ailes, writes about how Fox News’ women took down the most predatory man in media. “It is unfathomable to think, given Ailes’s reputation, given the number of women he propositioned and harassed and assaulted over decades, that senior management at Fox News was unaware of what was happening,” writes Sherman. “What is more likely is that their very jobs included enabling, abetting, protecting, and covering up for their boss.”

Sherman says he got the news that Gretchen Carlson had filed her lawsuit earlier this summer as he and his wife were getting off a flight from Paris. “That was it for summer vacation because I’ve been reporting nonstop since,” Sherman tells New York’s Press Room. “If there ever was a story that was worth all the hard work, it’s this one. Roger Ailes was the most powerful man in media and politics for two decades, and then in just two weeks he was gone.”

On the Cover: Gabriel Sherman on Roger Ailes’s Downfall