Kelly Conaboy Joins the Cut As Writer-at-Large

Kelly Conaboy.

Stella Bugbee, president and editor-in-chief of the Cut, announced today that Kelly Conaboy (@kellyconaboy) is joining the site’s staff as writer-at-large. Having contributed to the Cut regularly for several years, Conaboy recently served as the site’s Winter Olympics correspondent, and wrote “An Oral History of Bob Costas Having Pink Eye” for sister site In her new role, she’ll be covering all elements of the human experience, from television to breakfast pastries, beginning on April 2.

Conaboy joins the Cut from the Hairpin, a site that no longer exists. Before that, she served as staff writer and senior editor at Gawker and Videogum, respectively, both of which no longer exist. She wishes good luck to the Cut.

Says Bugbee: “Kelly wrote a poem on the Cut recently, for Nathan Chen during the Olympics, that went something like this”:

Nathan Chen, good luck to you

We know all that you can do

Our ice-skating guy, you are

Yes, you are our shooting star


For us, you will win the gold

No pressure, haha, it’s fine

Just take a breath and do it

Or you will disappoint everyone but mostly yourself and that is the true horror of competing in the Olympics

“To Kelly, we offer the same wonderful wishes.”

Kelly Conaboy Joins the Cut As Writer-at-Large