On The Cover of New York Magazine: Hope Hicks, UFOs, And More

The cover of New York Magazine’s March 19–April 1, 2018, issue is a tabloid-style cover featuring Olivia Nuzzi on Hope Hicks, Trump’s right-hand woman whose unexpected departure has left outsiders angling to get back in; a look at Michael Osgood, the NYPD’s top sex-crimes investigator who tried to bust Harvey Weinstein three years ago, and an explosive account of what happened when the DA’s office stepped in; a primer for the SETI-curious on how seriously you should take those recent reports of UFOs; and more.

“The tabloid cover was the nice handiwork of design director Tom Alberty,” says New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss. “A custom blend of Enquirer and Us Weekly styling.” The idea to let a tabloid cannibalize the cover of the issue came about in discussions of the Hope Hicks story. Hicks is a key character in this administration’s soap opera, and her affair with Rob Porter was initially uncovered by a tabloid newspaper. “If the likes of Us Weekly covered government figures the way they cover reality television stars Hicks would be a tabloid superstar,” Moss says. “The scary thing was how many of this issue’s stories lent themselves to this treatment. Headlines have rarely been so fun to write.”

On The Cover of New York: Hope Hicks, UFOs, And More