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A special advertising section in New York magazine's October 31, 2016 issue.

Shillington Shillington
Shillington’s classroom environment is one of a kind—never buttoned up, but bursting at the seams with creative energy, collaboration and laughter. Plus, small class sizes taught by experienced designers means curriculum can be tailored students’ specific learning goals.
Basis Independent Basis Independent
BASIS Independent Manhattan, the fifth school in the BASIS Independent Schools system, after Brooklyn, Silicon Valley, CA, Fremont, CA, and McLean, VA, will use the identical elementary and middle school academic programs as BASIS Independent Brooklyn, which has been lauded for offering Mandarin and engineering classes from kindergarten; for its hands-on, project-based “Connections” class linking the arts, science, math, and humanities; and for its vibrant array of fine, visual, and performing arts and music coursework. BASIS.ed-managed schools are ranked as some of the best in the world in developing critical thinking in math, reading, and science.
Basis Independent
Winston Prep Winston Prep
People don’t always learn in predictable ways, which is why Winston Preparatory School (WPS) is committed to reaching all kinds of learners. Students often come to one of the three WPS campuses in the tri-state area after struggling in traditional school settings. Many of these students, ranging from fourth to twelfth grade, have been diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties, ADHD, and nonverbal learning disorders. At WPS, the faculty meets students where they are, brings them forward at a meaningful pace, and teaches them to move forward independently.
Winston Prep
Winston Prep Winston Transitions
Is your child ready for life after high school? Winston Transitions can help. Winston offers a unique program for a community of diverse learners ages 18-21 with unique patterns of strengths and weaknesses, all of whom need additional work to be prepared for post-secondary programs or gain further academic, work, and/ or life skills. This includes students with complexities that can be fully understood only by working with them on an individual basis. Students are assessed in a manner keeping with Winston Prep’s core Continuous Feedback System of individualized and responsive program design.
Winston Transitions