Sip Codes
Cristina Burducea


BAR: Roundabout Theatre Companyís
American Airlines Theatre
227 West 42nd Street

SIP CODE: 10036

The Penthouse Lobby Bar offers a unique, insiderís experience to all ticket-holding guests. Itís a true throwback to the golden days of classic theatre where mixologists craft a cocktail tailored to the theme of each show. The bar opens a full hour prior to the performance so thereís plenty of time for a cocktail encore.

The crowdís personality changes with each show, too. This winter, The 39 Steps will attract a sophisticated group of Hitchcock fans and Monty Python-esque slapstick enthusiasts.

The 39 Steps: inspired by the show and created inóyou guessed itó39 steps.

1.5 oz Absolut Citron
.5 oz Pimmís No. 1
splash of cranberry juice
lemon and lime wedges

1. Grab a lemon
2. Pick up a knife
3. Cut a wedge of lemon and set aside
4. Grab a lime
5. Cut a wedge of lime and set aside
6. Set knife back down on counter
7. Get a large glass to mix drink in (and drink out of!)
8. Take out ice scoop
9. Scoop up some ice
10. Drop ice into cup
11. Put ice scoop back
12. Retrieve Absolut Citron bottle
13. Find 2 measuring shot glasses
14. Pour 1.5 oz Absolut into first shot glass
15. Return Absolut bottle
16. Retrieve Pimmís No. 1 bottle
17. Pour 1.5 oz Pimmís into the other shot glass
18. Pour both Absolut and Pimmís shots into large drinking glass
19. Pick up cranberry juice
20. Unscrew cranberry juice lid
21. Pour a splash of cranberry juice into glass
22. Set juice bottle back on counter
23. Replace lid to cranberry juice bottle
24. Return cranberry juice bottle to fridge
25. Grab a pitcher of lemonade (homemade, store bought, whatever youíve got)
26. Pour a generous splash of lemonade into glass
27. Still holding lemonade with one hand, take out a bar spoon
28. Lower bar spoon to glass
29. Stir drink with bar spoon in a swirling motion
30. Top off glass with another splash of lemonade
31. Return lemonade
32. Return bar spoon to original location
33. Obtain bar tongs
34. Pick up lemon wedge with bar tong
35. Place lemon on rim of glass (you may use your fingers hereótongs can be tricky)
36. Pick up lime with bar tong
37. Place lime on rim of glass (ditto for the lime)
38. Return bar tongs to bar top
39. Hand drink to guest

Like any good whodunit, there are plenty of twists and turns, but for those of you in a hurry, the express recipe is as follows:

1. Mix liquid ingredients in glass over ice.
2. Stir.
3. Top off with a splash of lemonade.
4. Garnish with lemon and lime wedges.