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Neighborhood Profile

East Village

East Village Photo
Photo: laverrue’s Flickr

The neighborhood with the highest concentration of bars in the city (if not the world) scores off the charts in all the expected areas: retail diversity, restaurant density, proximity to nightlife, and desirability to the creative classes, with only schools and affordability truly lacking. With a typical two-bedroom running at about $3,300 per month, it’s expensive. But thanks to nearby NYU, the East Village has more income and ethnic diversity than most of its neighbors.


Houston St. to 14th St., East River to Fourth Ave.

Subway Stations

F, V to Second Ave. | L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, 6 to Union Sq. | L to First Ave. | L to Third Ave.

Quality of Life

Number of Trees
Number of Murders
Travel time to...42nd St.Fulton St.Columbus CircleUnion Sq.
... in Minutes
From Third Ave.
Number of Trains: 10
Number of Stations: 4