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Neighborhood Profile


Greenpoint Photo
A rooftop farm in Greenpoint/Lucas Foglia

Greenpoint has some of the best public schools in the city, achieving high test scores and parent-satisfaction ratings, in spite of (or perhaps because of) its small population. It is slightly cheaper and safer than adjacent Williamsburg and has a respectable number of restaurants and bars. There are downsides: The retail coverage is patchy, there are few parks, and it sits on top of an underground oil spill that is still being cleaned up after 30 years. But as long as you don’t go swimming in Newtown Creek, it’s a vibrant, affordable place to raise a family.


N. 14th St./Nassau Ave./McGuiness Blvd. to Newtown Creek, Newtown Creek to East River

Subway Stations

G to Nassau Ave. | G to Greenpoint Ave.

Number of Trees
Number of Murders
Travel time to...42nd St.Fulton St.Columbus CircleUnion Sq.
... in Minutes
From Greenpoint Ave.
Number of Trains: 1
Number of Stations: 2