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Neighborhood Profile

Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights Photo
Photo: Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao

Diverse neighborhood, better for grocery shopping than nightlife; higher prices relative to its location, probably because of the captive audience of Columbia professors.


110th St. to 155th St., St. Nicholas Ave. to the Hudson River

Subway Stations

1 to 110th St. | B,C to 110th St. | 2,3 to 110th St.-Central Park North | 1 to 116th St.-Columbia University | B,C to 116th St. | 1 to 125th St. | A,B,C,D to 125th St. | B,C to 135th St. | 1 to 137th St.-City College | 1 to 145th St. | A,B,C,D to 145th St. | C to 155th St.

Quality of Life

"Where else can you pick up a dime bag, an eager Columbia undergrad, and a bagel within a seven-block radius?"
Number of Trees
Number of Murders
Travel time to...42nd St.Fulton St.Columbus CircleUnion Sq.
... in Minutes
From 125th St.
Number of Trains: 7
Number of Stations: 12