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Neighborhood Profile


Williamsburg Photo
Photo: kumar303’s Flickr

Few other enclaves inspire the kind of love-it-or-loathe-it partisanship that this one does. But the thing to remember is that Williamsburg is actually a rather large neighborhood, both in population (it’s home to about 125,000 people, about the same as Harlem) and geography. Near the L-train stops, it offers a fantastically hip (or annoying, depending on your disposition) array of bars, restaurants, and shopping, and some sparkling new developments. The eastern and southern borders are more affordable but less safe, and lag in retail density and access to green space.


Flushing Ave. to North 14th St./Nassau Ave./McGuinness Blvd./Meeker Ave., Bushwick Ave. to Kent Ave.

Subway Stations

G to Flushing Ave. | G to Broadway | G to Metropolitan-Lorimer | J,M,Z to Marcy Ave. | J,M to Hewes St. | J,M to Lorimer St. | J,M to Flushing Ave. | L to Bedford Ave. | L to Lorimer St. | L to Graham Ave. | L to Grand St. | L to Montrose Ave. | L to Morgan Ave.

Quality of Life

Number of Trees
Number of Murders
Travel time to...42nd St.Fulton St.Columbus CircleUnion Sq.
... in Minutes
From Metropolitan Ave.
Number of Trains: 5
Number of Stations: 13