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The Open-House Log

26 South Oxford Street, Apartment 3B, Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Two-bedroom, one-bath, 1,000-square-foot co-op.
Asking price: $649,000.
Maintenance: $778 per month.
Broker: Abdul Muid, Corcoran.

Who: Helen Richardson, 33, and Addi Hou, 30, fashion designers (pictured).
What are you shopping for?
ADDI: We’re looking at two-bedroom condos.
HELEN: Washer, dryer . . . A: Walk-in closets, ’cause we’re in fashion. We collect a lot of clothes.
What do you think?
A: Ummm. It’s okay. It has that nice big bedroom. But she wants outdoor space.
H: Yeah, this was not my style. It feels too claustrophobic, too old.

Who: Sarah Roemer, 31, personal trainer, and David Zweig, 31, broker at Century 21 Kevin B. Brown.
What are you shopping for?
SARAH: I’m looking for a two-bedroom in Fort Greene. I live in the East Village; I have friends here. And, um . . . that’s it?
DAVID: That’s it! It’s a two-bedroom in Fort Greene! I’m her broker. S: And friend! Which is how we like it.
What do you think?
S:This is the nicest one we’ve seen today.
D: This is a really nice bedroom—very pretty, with that tree right outside. Is that a dogwood? What does a cherry blossom look like?

Who: Jaycee Pribulsky, 34, corporate philanthropist, and Eric Burd, 37, software technologist.
Why are you here today?
JAYCEE: We’re just sort of exploring. We’re in Connecticut, and we used to live in Chelsea.
What do you think?
J: It’s cool!
ERIC: Potential. Like the neighborhood, good light, good vibe.
J: Yeah—good vibe, good vibe.


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