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The Open-House Log

10 Strong Place, Apt. 2, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Three-bedroom, one-bath co-op with a separate home office.
Asking Price: $899,000.
Maintenance: $550 per month.
Broker: Deborah Rieders, the Corcoran Group.

Who: Sui Sung, banker; Cynthia Sung, insurance broker; and Kira, age 6 (pictured).
What are you shopping for? Sui: We’re in Princeton, but the commute’s too tiring.
What do you think? Cynthia: It’s nicely laid out, but we’ve lived in a one-bath before, and it’s a killer. Kira: I have a question: Why is the bathroom so pretty?

Who: Afshin Mottaghi, owner of Pashah Salon, and Jean Marie Mottaghi, makeup artist.
What are you shopping for? Jean Marie: We’ve been looking for a year… We started looking for a townhouse but we couldn’t find anything reasonable. Afshin: We live in Long Island City. If you like living in a high-rise, it’s okay.
What do you think? J.M.: I like the shared garden. A.: We want a second child, and so we want something with longevity. It’s a walk-up, though. J.M.: But this is just one floor. We’ve seen fourth- floor walk-ups and we’re not interested in doing that with kids.

Who: Stephanie Shemin and Koby Feingold, lawyers.
What are you shopping for? Koby: We’re not quite sure. Stephanie: Probably a brownstone [with] an eating area and an extra bedroom.
What do you think? K.: It has a lot of light. S.: This renovation’s personal, not over-the-top. All these other brownstones have blueprint layouts. Or they need so much work. Or they’re too modern.


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