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The Open-House Log

Two-bedroom, two-bath, 1,200-square-foot triplex condo.
Asking Price: $1.785 million.
Charges and Taxes: $1,729 per month.
Broker: Robyn Frank-Pedersen, the Corcoran Group.

Who: Kimberly Frieders, call-center sales director.
What are you shopping for?
We’re looking for a bigger apartment. We’re at 79th and Columbus.
That’s a great spot.
I know! I don’t want to move but I had a baby and I want another, so we need a bigger space.
How long have you been looking?
[Sighing] We have no luck. We made two bids and both [turned out to be] illegal apartments.
Permits. There were issues.

Who: Marc Epstein, psychiatry resident, and his brother David, tech entrepreneur.
Where do you live now?
Marc: I live across from Roosevelt Hospital, where I’m a resident. But I also need to be near St. Luke’s, and I like that it’s between the two.
David: Philly.
Will you be living here, too?
D: It’s possible.
But Philly’s supposed to be the new New York…
D: It’s the new shitty New York. Wait, can I use that word?

Who: Martha Goode, recording-studio owner and managing director of (re:)Directions theater group.
You’re here for the third time—that’s serious.
We’ve been looking intensely for three weeks now. I’ve seen about fifteen.
So what’s catching your eye here?
I absolutely love the back yard. And I’m enamored with the layout. It’s not just a box.
Do you live in a box now?
It’s a series of boxes. Bedroom one is a box. Bedroom two is a box. And the living room is pretty much a box.


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