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The Open-House Log: Special Credit-Crisis Edition

Apartment buyers don’t feel like they’ve gotten the upper hand—yet.

17 Cheever Place, Cobble Hill
What: A four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath townhouse.
Price: $2.575 million
Broker: Madeline Castrese, the Corcoran Group.
Attendance: Bustling.

Who: Antoinette and Bill Gray, semi-retired.
Is this your first time here in a while?
BG: This is our first time in Cobble Hill, period. This is the place to live! We’re in rural Virginia now. There is life outside New York, which was hard for me to believe.
Would you live in a townhouse like this?
BG: Oh, yes. But the pricing leaves us astounded.
Is the market in Virginia stable?
BG: It’s pretty stable. AG: Except the houses aren’t selling.

Who: Chris Cooper (pictured, holding Felix, 5) and Jennifer Hanlin (holding Mia, 5), architects.
So you’re locals?
JH: We live right across the street, in a converted school.
CC: We’re both architects, so we’re looking more at unrenovated
brownstones. Here, they’ve managed to make the place feel open and light, which is one of the problems with brownstones.
Are you worried about buying in this market?
CC: Of course. But people are negotiating. Right now, we’re in a funny situation because we have to sell before we buy.

Who: Allieu Shaw, TV broadcaster, and Aminata Cisse, model.
Any concern about the economy?
AS: Lots. [But] somebody’s got to live somewhere, no matter how bad the economy is.
AC: We’re looking at a few different places.
AS: We’re between this house and one in Clinton Hill.
Which is better?
AC: That one has a really beautiful master suite.
AS: I like this one! The living room, and the dining area …
How are you going to decide?
AC: Whoever writes the check.
And who’s writing the check?
AS: I don’t know.

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