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The Open-House Log: Special Credit-Crisis Edition

255 West 98th Street, No. 6A
What: A 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath co-op.
Price: $1.495 million
Broker: Wendy Maitland and Scott Harris, Brown Harris Stevens.
Attendance: Barely any.

Who: Judi Z., president of a garment firm.
How long have you been looking?
Just, like, a month or two. Here on the Upper West Side.
When you first started, was the market better or worse than it is now?
Prices are coming down.
So are you going to make a move soon?
Yeah. But I want the right price, because when the market drops more, which it will, I don’t want to [have] overpaid. The ones we saw a month ago are coming down by, what, a hundred grand?
Are you thinking seriously about this apartment?
I love the way it’s decorated! But we need a real two-bedroom. I have a son who comes home from college. If there was a real second bedroom, and a den-office, it would be great.

Who: Andrea Hall, owner of a textiles business.
Have you been looking long?
Literally for a week. We have two kids, and we need a two- or three-bedroom. We rent.
Why now?
We see that prices have come down.
Does the apartment work for you?
No. First of all, I love prewar apartments for their old details and separate spaces, so the fact that they made it loftlike didn’t work. The living area, the dining area—it was one big room. It’s too contemporary. And I’m not a fan of exposed brick.
Are you worried about buying in today’s market?
Our time horizon is very long—a good ten to fifteen years. It’s more important to us to find a great place and take advantage of the softening in the market. We’re not flipping it.

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