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The New York Apartment: A Biography

The first week of April marks the anniversary of the founding of this magazine, back in 1968, and it occurred to us that it might be interesting to commemorate the occasion with an issue—maybe even an annual issue—that looks back at the history of the city itself. For this initial foray, we decided to take a rather sideways glance backward. What you see here is not a treatise on a specific period or event like New Amsterdam trading or the 1986 Mets. Instead, we’ve chosen to explore, across time, one of the things that has most defined New York life for centuries and has become a unit of measurement for our successes and failures: the apartment. read more [+]
TVHome on Screen
Projections of the New York apartment.
SuperlativesAttention Seekers
The grandest, smallest, and scariest homes in the city's history.
ArtistsThe Perpetual Garret
Where the starving artists slept.
RoipheMy Homeless Houseguest
RakoffMy Erotic House-sit
GourevitchMy Tugboat Sublet


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