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Roommate Case Studies

Case Study No. 2: A Fivesome

Melissa Clark, Derick Wycherly, Rafaella Soares, Will Bailey, and Christine Billard
Two couples, plus one, sharing a four-bedroom in Bushwick.

Rafaella and Will, when did you guys start dating?
Rafaella Soares: We first kissed, what, hurricane week? After that, nothing happened for a long time. Then in December, he brought me flowers. My friends would tease me, saying, “Rafa, you know you’re going to date Will.” And I was all, “No, he’s my roommate, my best friend. These things never work out.”
Will Bailey: It was hard at first. If it backfired, I couldn’t just take her off my G-chat list.

Christine, what’s it like living with two couples?
Christine Billard: Everyone is super-respectful. I actually didn’t even realize Will and Rafa were together until recently—that’s how respectful they are. They cook me dinner sometimes. I’ve never felt like a fifth wheel here.

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