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The Locals


Theodore Bouloukos
Carnegie Hill

You’re known for your modern-day dandy aesthetic, including the occasional cape. How would you describe your style?
Sort of prep-school-headmasterish, where refinement meets utility. You know, so that one can hop from the trustees’ tea to the lacrosse match without concern. Seriously speaking, I simply dress appropriately. Dissolute behavior in a coat and tie is always more amply forgiven.

Where do you hang your hat, exactly?
On the unfashionable side of Carnegie Hill, for which Madison is the great divide between the haves and the have-jobs. Actually, we were considered East Harlem until gentrification annexed us to our southern neighbors. Still, I like that we’re just blocks from El Barrio. Everything in Spanish Harlem is cheaper, including cigarettes.

What makes a great neighborhood?
A really good joint that serves till four, which we sorely lack.

People must notice you all the time when you’re out.
I don’t pay attention because I’m usually hidden behind sunglasses.

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