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The Doctor Is Out


The Open-House Log

225 Lafayette Street, Apartment 10A
Two-bedroom, three-bath, 1,735-square-foot condo.
Asking Price:
$2.45 million.
Charges and taxes: $2,779 per month.
Brokers: Adam Banks and Wilbur Gonzalez, Corcoran.

Who: Josée Deroy, actuary.
What are you shopping for? A two-bedroom, two-bath. I’ve been away for three years working in Europe, and I came back and realized the whole real-estate scene has drastically changed. You have more choices now, but it’s all expensive.
What do you think? There’s a lot of space wasted on hallways. They should’ve put the washer and dryer elsewhere so the kitchen can be expanded. But I like the light, the views.

Who: Hong Joo, financial analyst.
What are you shopping for? I’m just looking, but not seriously. If I see something I really love, then there may be more involved. I live in Battery Park City—I grew up there.
What do you think? It’s really cute. The master bathroom stands out the most—it’s so different! It has separate stalls for everything, so you get lots of privacy.

Who: Andrew Rasiej, Internet entrepreneur and former candidate for public advocate (pictured).
What are you shopping for? I live in the same apartment a few floors up. I renovate apartments for a hobby, and I wanted to see it.
What do you think? It looks like the base apartment [from] when the building first opened. They [should] open up the kitchen and make it an open floor plan. For very little money, they could increase its value quickly. This building in particular is very well situated. It has all the advantages of Nolita and Soho, and then of course there’s Chinatown.


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