The Liberation of Daniel Libeskind

Germany: Jewish Museum Berlin, 1999

Daniel and Nina Libeskind fought hard to build the museum, which has three main corridors: the Axis of Emigration, the Axis of the Holocaust, and the Axis of Continuity.

All building renderings, photographs, and sketches are courtesy of Daniel Libeskind.

New York City: World Trade Center Master Plan, 2003

"In the end," what emerges at ground zero "will be pretty close to my original rendering."

Colorado: Denver Art Museum, 2006

Libeskind says he was inspired by "the light and the geology of the Rockies, but most of all by the wide-open faces of the people of Denver."

Covington, KY.: The Ascent, 2008

A residential swoop in the sky near Cincinnati. And a hint of what we could see on Madison Avenue?

Las Vegas: Sketch For A Retail Center

A "rich, urbane, cosmopolitan scheme, one you could find in New York or Paris," says Libeskind, who’s embracing natural light—anathema to most casino developers.

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