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The Optimists

These seven buyers think “economic meltdown” means “buying opportunity.”


400 Central Park West
Two-bedroom condo. $1.2 million. Lauren Wagner, JC Deniro & Associates.   

Liz Giordano
Health-care CEO
Giordano owns in the Hamptons, works close to the city, and wants a condo in Manhattan. She just toured and liked this two-bedroom.

Why buy now?
I truly am the optimist. I believe the best investment you can make is real estate as long as [it’s for the] long term. I was fortunate: I got some money out of the stock market before everything went south, and I’m moving whatever resources I have to real estate. Some people say, ‘You’re crazy,’ but I have good credit, I’ve managed to save a significant amount—I might be able to do it all-cash.

Do you own a place?
I own a house in the Hamptons. If I buy a condo in the city, it’ll give me a place to stay, and if at some point I wasn’t able to carry it, I’ll be able to rent it out. It’s a win-win.

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