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Grub Street

Europe’s Most Celebrated Bartender Will Mix Drinks in New York Next Week

If you're going to pay $17 for a cocktail, why not pay $17 for one made by one of the best?

Lumpia Shack Snackbar Combines Fruit, Jelly, Sweet Potatoes, and Popcorn in This New Dessert

Attack this Filipino shaved-ice drink-cum-dessert from the top down.

From the Magazine

  • Best of New York

    Luscious lamb riblets, Persian soul food, and roast chicken for a crowd.

  • The Dish
    The DishTrout Saltimbocca

    Nick Anderer has reimagined the classic.

  • Trendlet
    TrendletIn Praise of the Patty Melt

    It's not a burger. It's not a grilled cheese. It's just delicious.

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