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Where It's O.K. to B.Y.O.B.

"Bring Your Own" usually means eating slop on 6th Street. But we've found some great spots where you can enjoy a delicious meal and pop your cork -- for free!


A bargain-lovers dream, this tiny BYOB caf? is populated by a mellow mix of Columbia students and Upper West Siders communing over French-Caribbean-accented small plates with equally small price tags ($6?$10).
947 Columbus Ave., at 106th Street; 212-531-1643

Angelica Kitchen
This landmark eatery has been serving up vegan grub for more than 25 years and is actually the oldest BYOB in the East Village. You'll feel awkward if you don't bring a bottle to this haven of wholesome whole-foods diners drinking to each other's health.
300 East 12th Street; 212-228-3108

The Pop Chart

Check out the BYOB policy at some of your favorite spots!

A Salt & Battery
The new East Side location of this authentic fish-and-chips shop has already succumbed to the American demand for sit-down dining, but most of the expatriates who frequent the place would never dream of breaking the beer goes with batter rule. That said, no one will get their bangers in a knot if you pass on brew and opt for the old "white goes with fish" routine. Just make sure to bring your own corkscrew.
80 Second Avenue; 212-254-6610

Bread from Beirut
Judging from the exceptionally creamy hummus and baba ghannouj, the tangy vegetable moussaka, the herby zaatar, and the spectacularly light, melt-in-your-mouth falafel, owner Samer Halimeh takes his Lebanese cuisine seriously. Compliment his mouthwatering cuisine with a well-chosen bottle of wine.
24 West 45th Street; 212-764-1588

Be prepared to stand outside in an informal ?line? that, given the restaurant?s BYOB policy, often resembles a quaint block party. Once you (and your wine bottle) get a table, you?ll be treated to simple, delicious French fare that's surprisingly inexpensive.
253 W. 11th Street; 212-229-2611

Tea & Sympathy
This stylish little British joint serves up classics like kidney pie and Welsh rarebit (bread, melted cheese, and mustard). Management is not opposed to bringing your own vino to accompany your meal, but there is one catch: BYOB-ers must share a glass with the staff!
108-110 Greenwich Ave; 212-807-8329

There's no menu at this BYOB Indian eatery, and the meal changes according to whatever the chef feels like cooking. However, you can count on having a lentil dish, a potato dish, and a vegetable dish, all vegetarian and homemade with the freshest ingredients and spices. And you can at least feel somewhat in control by choosing, purchasing, and schlepping your own bottle of wine.
28 Greenwich Avenue; 212-367-7411

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