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1. Pickles Jalan at Willie’s Dawgsview listing

351 Fifth Ave., nr. 5th St., Park Slope; 718-832-2941

Combines the glories of the bánh mì (pickles and fresh jalapeño, plus peanut sauce) with old-fashioned hot-dog goodness (all-beef dog, housemade challah bun). If you’re a traditionalist, Willie’s classic dog (the Mutt) is also one of the best in town. $5

2. Bruschetta Dog at Super Hot Dog

111 Macdougal St., nr. Minetta Ln.; 212-375-0700

A kosher dog, muffled in a summery, Mediterranean mix of olive oil, basil, and chopped tomatoes. Slivers of fresh sliced garlic give the ensemble an unexpected lift. $3.95

3. Fatty Dog at Fatty Crabview listing

2170 Broadway, nr. W. 77th St.; 212-496-2722

At his new Upper West Side location, Zak Pelaccio lards the elegant Asia-fusion dog with ground pork, shrimp, and XO sausage, then layers it with mayo and tangy radishes on a ­potato-bread roll. So spicy you’ll be hiccuping for days. $13

4. The Keema Chili Dog at Elettariaview listing

33 W. 8th St., nr. Macdougal St.; 212-677-3833

Akhtar Nawab’s internationalist creation is smothered with ground duck keema instead of chili, and goes well with a side of housemade kimchee. The dog is neutered, though, by an overly heavy bun. $5

5. DBGB Dog at DBGB Kitchen and Bar view listing

299 Bowery, nr. 1st St.; 212-933-5300

Daniel Boulud’s tight-skinned, housemade beef sausage has a classic Euro-style pop to it. It would benefit from a slightly smaller bun, however, and a few more imaginative toppings. $7

All photographs by Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine