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Top All-Purpose Wine Sites

Note: Many of the links in the "Essentials" section are to offsite resources. We are not responsible for the content on these sites.
"The wine lovers' web site" lists events, travel ideas, and detailed descriptions of wineries.
Epicurious Wine Guide
Epicurious doesn't just boast the "world's greatest recipe collection." The site also has a step-by-step wine appreciation guide, a comprehensive glossary of terms, and tips on glassware.
Food & Wine
The magazine's web site has the usual roundups and basics, plus profiles of wine world movers and shakers.
Reviews, the best producers, plus beer info too!
Top 100 Wine Sites
If it's out there, it's in here. Regularly updated rankings of oenophiles' favorite sites.
The name is simple, but the site is comprehensive. Browse by winery, check out employee picks, and educate yourself with the ultimate wine primer.
Wine Institute

Like California wines? This site bills itself as the "voice for California wine." And it delivers.
Not to be confused with, but every bit as informative and easy to read.
Wine Spectator Online
Don't bother with the expensive magazine subscription. Check in here for wine quizzes, daily news, wine-related job postings and any other piece of wine arcane you can conceive of.
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