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Where Chefs Eat Cheap


Map by Jason Lee. Chef illustration by Luke Wilson.  

Sara Jenkins
Chef-owner at Porchetta and an East Village pasta restaurant opening in September; consulting chef at Astoria

1. Agnanti
19-06 Ditmars Blvd., nr. 19th St. 718-545-4554
My favorite Greek restaurant. The little zucchini fritters ($7) and tomato fritters ($7.50) are amazing.

2. Rosario’s Deli
22-55 31st St., nr. Ditmars Blvd. 718-728-2920
Amazing cheese, sandwiches, pizza, and bread. He has only one kind of slice (Neapolitan), and it’s really good ($2).

3. Mediterranean Foods
23-18 31st St., nr. 23rd Ave. 718-721-0221
This shop has all the great prepared foods like taramosalata, a classic Greek dip with salted cod roe ($3.85/lb.).

4. Naseem Meat Market & Grocery
25-65 Steinway St., nr. 28th Ave. 718-777-7032
They make the best merguez ($3.99/lb.). Also: really good Moroccan preserved lemons ($3.99/lb.).

5. Seva
30-07 34th St., nr. 30th Ave. 718-626-4440
I particularly like the fried-bok-choy appetizer ($3) at this Indian restaurant. Also, the apricot-lamb curry ($12).

6. Petey’s Burger
30-17 30th Ave., nr. 31st St. 718-267-6300
It’s kind of In-N-Out inspired. I do delivery and get the double cheese with sauce and extra-crispy fries ($9.01).

7. Cedars Meat House
41-08 30th Ave., nr. 41st St. 718-606-1244
Their shish tawook sandwich ($3.50) is the closest thing to the grilled-chicken sandwich in Beirut.

8. Laziza
25-78 Steinway St., nr. 28th Ave. 718-777-7676
A pastry shop that makes classic Middle Eastern sweets: phyllo-and-nut pastries, baklava ($1.50, or $12/lb.).

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