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Farm Bill:
Eighteen years ago, George Bush the elder declared himself a confirmed broccoli hater, and apparently the resulting anti-Republican sentiment among cruciferous-veggie farmers has yet to subside. Take, for instance, the sign posted over a crate of Siberian kale spotted recently at Keith’s Farm stand at the Greenmarket: “This is our first year growing Siberian kale. We’ve noticed that it wilts and yellows sooner after harvest than other kales. It tastes good for a day or two, but clearly it is not as tough as Sarah Palin, who can see it growing from her house.”

Flavor of the Month:
Is Ssäm Bar courting a younger audience? Not that they’ve added chicken fingers or Pop Rocks to the bill of fare, but someone involved with the beverage program is really into root beer. So much so that there’s a new drinks-menu category devoted entirely to the creamy concoction. The frothy list includes everything from Stewart’s to Sprecher. No word yet on a root-beer pairing. … Speaking of sassafras, Julie Farias, the new chef-partner at Park Slope’s Beer Table—the only beer bar you might consider taking your mother to for brunch—has added a Sprecher root-beer float to the menu. It’s made with Il Lab malt gelato, and according to our sources, it’s “very yummy.” And that’s not all. Yoguruto, a new Soho froyo shop, caters to those who like their frozen yogurt plain as well as those who prefer it flavored with, yes, root beer.

Big Gulp:
Good news for those who like to wash down their Sicilian slices with something a little stronger than soda pop: The cousins behind Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery have finally taken steps to start living up to their name. They don’t actually brew their own beer, but they’ve recently begun to pump the Bud and Bud Lite variety out of kegs, much to the delight of those aficionados who believe that for every beverage there is a proper glass—in this case, a 32-ounce Styrofoam cup.

Hoagie Watch:
Alidoro, Soho’s superb Italian-sandwich shop, and home to the Pavarotti, the Pacino, and the Pinocchio, continues to expand its empire. Having already shared his secret recipes with Puffy’s Tavern, owner Walter Momente has taken on another boozy client—the big-ice-fresh-juice cocktail haven the Randolph. The really exciting news: the introduction of the first-ever hot (as in pressed) Alidoro sandwiches, including the Poletto, the Rodolfo, and the Belladonna.


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