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Stocking the Borough’s Larder


From Pickles to Pork
Brooklyn’s new crop of food shops.

Marlow & Daughters
95 Broadway, nr. Berry St., Williamsburg; 718-388-5700
Tom Mylan’s the resident snout- to-tail butcher, but even vegetarians will find plenty to like at this astoundingly well-stocked shop, which has inherited most of Marlow & Sons’ provisions. Don’t miss: Rancho Gordo heirloom beans, Guy Jones’s mesclun mix, Benton’s bacon.

Brooklyn Standard
188 Nassau Ave., nr. Jewel St., Greenpoint; 718-472-2150
Cody Utzman’s countercultural bodega sells condoms and batteries, but also hummus chips, all-organic produce, and vegan subs. Stumptown coffee is $1, with a 25 cent discount if you bring a mug.

Choice Greene
214 Greene Ave., nr. Grand Ave., Clinton Hill; 718-230-1243
Choice Market’s grocery offshoot has what many of its ilk don’t: a fish counter with a dedicated sushi chef.

Urban Rustic
236 N. 12th St., nr. Driggs Ave., Williamsburg; 718-388-9444
From the rough-hewn design to the fading organic produce, this place has college co-op written all over it. But everything from Seventh Generation baby wipes to organic cat food makes it one-stop shopping for the young urban professional hippie.

The Greene Grape Provisions
753 Fulton St., at S. Portland Ave., Ft. Greene; 718-233-2700
Within this market’s snug confines you will find not only a serious fish counter with a wild-salmon arrival schedule, but also It’s-It ice-cream sandwiches, Macedonian ajvar, local asparagus, the Woodman’s hardwood charcoal, and the daily paper.


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