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Thanksgiving Three Ways

A French classicist, a molecular gastronomist, and a pair of Brooklyn Slow Food–ists reinterpret cooking’s most traditional meal.


Applewood’s roasted turkey.  

Mess with Thanksgiving? What heresy is this? Delicious heresy, it turns out, if the people doing the messing are Daniel Boulud, Wylie Dufresne, and David Shea. To give the most traditional of holiday meals a fresh spin, we asked the masters of French, cutting-edge American, and Brooklyn-homey cuisines to reinterpret Thanksgiving dinner, each in his own way. To keep the participants from straying too far afield, we insisted they center their meals around the classic ingredients: oysters, turkey, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin. To keep their creations realistic for the home cook, the cost of the main ingredients couldn’t exceed $150, and the dinner had to go from uncooked to on-the-table in three hours. The dishes found on these pages prove it is never a bad idea to question things.

Prep time:
Not to exceed three hours

Required ingredients:
Brussels sprouts
Sweet potatoes

Not to exceed $150

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