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The cure to what ails you is only a phone call away.


In the interminable period when 2nd Ave. Deli was closed, it was an awful thing to get sick. Yes, other poultry palliatives could be had from any number of delis, but they were wan substitutes for the real thing: 2nd Ave.'s signature chicken in the pot. Happily, deli scion Jeremy Lebewohl continues the family tradition in the newish midtown digs, filling half-gallon jars with the healing golden elixir and shoving in half a kosher bird, thick slices of carrot, chewy “flake” noodles, and spongy, schmaltzy matzo balls that Lebewohl’s uncle Abe reportedly leavened with baking powder.

If you live anywhere in the general vicinity of midtown Manhattan, this $22.95 restorative will arrive at your door in 30 minutes, accompanied by a container of coleslaw, a half-dozen sour pickles, and four slices of rye. That’s enough food for about four invalid-portioned meals, and will generally last until the patient makes a full recovery. Within the somewhat nebulous zone, there is no delivery charge, though you’ll pay an extra $1.50 for the takeout jar. “I’m actually losing money on them,” says Lebewohl, who’ll reimburse you if you bring it back. 162 E. 33rd St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-689-9000


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