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The Storm Over Salt

Demonized by the mayor, fetishized by foodies, salt engenders some strong reactions for a humble mineral. Here, a grain-by-grain guide to salt in the city.


“Salt: the deadly white powder you already snort.” That was the tagline used by a health-advocacy group back in the seventies, the first time we were warned about the dangers of salt in our diets. The message Mayor Bloomberg sent last month wasn’t quite as histrionic. But to critics—chefs, restaurateurs, food manufacturers, gourmands, libertarians, and a few contrarian scientists, among others—it came pretty close. read more [+]
Give Me Sodium or Give Me DeathGive Me Sodium or Give Me Death
A chef’s impassioned defense.
The Salt-O-MeterThe Salt-O-Meter
Eleven popular city dishes rounded up, sent to a food lab, and tested for saltiness.
Super Salt MeSuper Salt Me
A would-be Morgan Spurlock gorges himself on all things salty for nine straight days.
Salts of the EarthSalts of the Earth
We explain the differences among seven types, from table salt to tenderly harvested sel gris.


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