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Trendlet: Total Baloney

Taylor Pork Roll

WHAT: Born in Trenton in 1856, this supersalty, compulsively edible precooked pork sausage is the unofficial state meat of New Jersey and the pride of Garden State natives like Prune’s Gabrielle Hamilton, who has featured it on her menu. Some folks are partial to Case’s, a Taylor competitor, and depending on geography, it’s also known as Taylor ham.

WHERE: The exuberantly stocked Court Street Grocers in Carroll Gardens (485 Court St., nr. Nelson St.; 718-722-7229) serves a classic pork roll, egg, and cheese (pictured). Jersey native Matt Ross notches the meat so it doesn’t bubble up and crisps it on a sandwich press until “it squeals.” Also essential to the experience: “Ketchup. You gotta have ketchup.” At Crif Dogs (113 St. Marks Pl., nr. Ave. A; 212-614-2728), pork roll is swaddled around the shop’s signature franks, deep-fried, and garnished with everything from fried eggs to chili.

BUY: Jersey Pork Roll ( ships three-pound Taylor pork rolls for $22.95.