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What I Ate This Morning


Todd McMahon
Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, coffee with cream and sugar.
Carrie McMahon
Blueberry muffin, sausage, coffee, orange juice.
Maxie Jackson
Pancakes, soy sausage, eggs, orange juice.
Christine Vonkuensberg
Doughnuts, coffee, cigarettes.
Martin McLoughlin
Slice of cheese pizza, a coke.

Joel Smith
An orange, cottage cheese and fig jam on wheat crackers, English-breakfast tea.
Tim Hartin
Bagel with scallion cream cheese.
Peter Schmid
Soft-shell-crab burger.
Adam Carroll
Peanut-butter PowerBar, lots of coffee.
Danille Occhiogrosso
Western omelette, green salad, whole-wheat toast, coffee, orange juice.

Gary Williams
Corn flakes, 2 percent milk, banana.
Anibal Ramirez
Four hard-boiled eggs, two fried eggs, ham and cheese on a roll, orange juice.
Joe Mapplebeck
Buttered bagel, crispy bacon, coffee light and sweet, chocolate milk.
Barbara Williams
A bagel with cream cheese, lemon tea.
Jim McBride
Croissant, coffee, double cognac.

Harris Pankin
Oatmeal with sugar and half-and-half, coffee with milk and sugar.
Sara Pardave
Bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll; a Sprite.
Sean Stogner
Starbucks Venti white-chocolate mocha, marble loaf.
Tash Kouri
Tall vanilla chai.
Garrett Pechillo
Bagel with cream cheese, orange juice.

Peter Valmy
Low-sugar, low-cholesterol cereal, coffee no sugar.
Christina Masciotti
One egg over spelt bagel, salad.
Hannah Johnson
Honey Nut Cheerios, coffee.
Raheem Davis
Omelette, turkey bacon, pancake, orange juice.
Lynn Morgan
French toast with maple syrup, bacon, banana.

Sue Ellen York
Cornflakes with honey and bananas in soy milk, chai tea with honey.
James McCarthy
Orange juice, a corn muffin.
Ivan Ramos
Oatmeal with blueberries, Mini-Wheats, coffee with milk.
Medardo Arias
Egg, bacon, and cheese on a muffin; black coffee.
Susanne Knudsen
Coffee, Danish, rye bread.

Billy Russomano
Coffee with milk and sugar, cigarettes.
Bijou Sylla
Chocolate croissant, hot chocolate.
Jeannine Martino
Frappuccino, extra whipped cream, extra caramel.
Sean Ritchwood
Chicken melt on toasted rye with Swiss cheese and mayo; an Orangina.
Aldona Januszkiewicz
Apple turnover, coffee.

Felipe Mendez
Moroccan couscous with grilled chicken and hummus, an Americano, fresh orange juice.
Jason LeMaster
Bloody Mary.
Wendy Shelton
Rice cake with peanut butter, cottage cheese, an apple, black tea.
Sheena Bolt
Egg whites, chai tea with soy milk.
Bettina Lerner
Yogurt with a handful of gummi strawberries.

Victoria Blinder
Oatmeal and espresso.
Nancy Blum
Organic café au lait, organic banana, a glass of Bud Lite, a multivitamin.
Akeela Jakhura
Jamba Juice yogurt popper.
Kelly MacGregor
Pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, pear juice.
Adam Zaretsky
Huevos rancheros with habanero salsa, espresso, a mimosa.

Bianca Bielak
Jubilee cake.
Zev Schwartz
Almond croissant, coffee.
Sveta Bochkareva
Scrambled eggs with ketchup.
Shane Webb
Brownies, eggs over easy, home fries.
Carol McLaughlin
Odwalla Super Protein drink, bowl of chili, potato chips.

Darleen Scherer
Eggs bella donna.
Naho Kubota
Jamaican chicken patty.
John Murphy
Justin Mulcahy
Four hard-boiled eggs.
Eric Geigle
Black coffee.

Bryan Mignone
Art Andrews
Peanut butter and jelly.
Raul Gonzalez
Open roast-beef sandwich, coffee, orange juice.
Shelby Wood
A bagel with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray.
Cicely Warrington
Turkey bacon, eggs.

Compiled by Amber Sutherland


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