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The Soda Awakening

Carbonated sugar water gets the artisanal treatment.


Avid soda drinkers scored a minor victory a few weeks ago when the New York State Legislature scrapped plans for a penny-an-ounce tax on sweet drinks. But however much change you just saved could well be wiped out by the latest beverage fixation: seasonal, handcrafted sodas, currently cropping up on restaurant menus and in grocery aisles, as well as on private kitchen counters all over the city. read more [+]
RankingsBattle of the Bubbles
Chief restaurant critic Adam Platt tastes and ranks eight locally made sodas.
FountainsFountain Hopping
Where to drink nouveau soda in its finest form.
Seltzer ManAsk a Seltzer Man
Seltzermonger Walter Backerman on the dying art of H2O delivery.
DIYSoda, the DIY Way
The pluses of a countertop soda-maker.
Ma PecheWhat's in a $5 Cola?
How Má Pêche's house blend stacks up against a $1 Coke.


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