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A later harvest can result in an unusually sweet taproot.


RecipeSavoy Cabbage

Look for the crinkly leafed vegetable at Greenmarket’s Northshire Farm.

RecipeLocal Squid

The cephalopod takes well to grilling, baking, boiling, and even poaching in olive oil.

RecipeCollard Greens

The floppy-leafed cabbage variant is a major player in many cuisines.

rainbow chardSunchokes

The gnarled tuber is nutty and sweet.

RecipeNew-Harvest Olive Oil

Look for bottles that read “2013 harvest” on the label at shops like Bklyn Larder in Park Slope.

AvocadoKabocha Squash

The harder the skin, the sweeter the flesh.


They make a festive, sweet-tart addition to a seasonal salad of fennel, radicchio, and feta.

Fiddlehead FernsRainbow Lacinato Kale

It takes well to this riff on creamed spinach from Quality Italian chef Scott Tacinelli.


They require a bit of flavor contrast to counteract their inherent sweetness.

Holiday Food

thanksgivingThe Sinful and the Saintly

Thanksgiving two ways: a truly gluttonous spread for those looking to indulge and a Mediterranean-style meal for the butter-phobes.