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Say When

With the proliferation of pizza joints that bake up skateboard-size pies and charge by the weight (or width) of your chosen slice, eating with your eyes becomes a dangerous proposition.

  1. 1. Pie

    124 Fourth Ave., nr. 12th St; 212-475-4977. 1542 Second Ave., nr. 80th St.; 212-517-5017

    They do breakfast pies and dessert pies, but garlicky marinara is best, snipped to order and priced by the pound.

  2. 2. Pinch

    416 Park Ave. S., nr. 29th St.; 212-686-5222

    Pizza by the inch—from 4 to 36—with toppings like Thai chilies and chicken cracklings.

  3. 3. Palà

    198 Allen St., nr. Stanton St.; 212-614-7252

    Baked-to-order pies take about twenty minutes, but individual slices carved off premade oblongs are heat-and-eat.

  4. 4. Zest

    1441 Broadway, nr. 41st St.; 212-398-9378

    The whole-wheat-and-flax-crusted rendition at this upscale Times Square takeout goes for around $5.50 a half-pound, in combinations like miso-marinated tofu, summer squash, and Japanese eggplant.

  5. 5. Whole Foods

    Time Warner Center and Union Square locations

    Not one to miss a trend, the “natural foods” market has dutifully jumped on the weigh-and-pay bandwagon.


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