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Summer Preview, Part One

Who says nothing opens between Memorial Day and Labor Day? Here’s where you’ll be eating next in Manhattan.

  1. 1. Shopsin’s

    120 Essex St., nr. Delancey St.

    According to his Website, the inimitable Kenny Shopsin will open his Essex Street Market stall this week, hopefully signaling a joyful end to the citywide shortage of “slutty cakes” and “blisters on my sisters.”

  2. 2. Ronnybrook Milk Bar

    75 Ninth Ave., nr. 16th St.; 212-741-6455

    Chelsea Market’s Ronnybrook Farm Dairy outlet has been transformed into a sixteen-stool neo-retro malt shop, serving local, seasonal, dairy-based fare. Cast-iron eggs come with asparagus and Ronnybrook farmer’s cheese, and yogurt soup comes with cucumber noodles. (The glass of milk with dessert is optional.)

  3. 3. Borough Food & Drink

    12 E. 22nd St., nr. Broadway; 212-260-0103

    Zak Pelaccio pioneered “Brooklyn Global” at Chickenbone Café, and now, with Jeffrey Chodorow’s backing, he’s honing what will someday be dubbed “five-borough cuisine.” Come June 21, you’ll be able to dig into Bosnian sausage from Queens, coriander bacon from Brooklyn, and whatever it is Staten Islanders eat when they’re not at Denino’s.


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