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Adam Platt's Where to Eat 2008: From big-splurge blowouts to locavore temples to down-and-dirty barbecue joints, our restaurant critic selects the best places to eat right now.
We’re All Locavores Now... ›

The greenmarket influence continues to spread.

The Italian Small-Plates Invasion ›

Miniature delicacies are all the rage among cutting-edge gastronomes.

Sorry, No Reservations ›

The hottest tables in town are in out-of-the-way, tiny-roomed establishments.

International Brooklyn ›

The borough’s honor roll of perpetually booked neighborhood destinations.

Barbecue Town, USA ›

Not so long ago, New York City was considered a barbecue wasteland. But not anymore.

Refined Japanese ›

The era of Godzilla–sized, Japan–themed dining palaces seems mercifully to have ceased.

Second Acts ›

Gifted young cooks take over small kitchens in far-flung, soon-to-be-gentrified neighborhoods.

The New-Chef Parade ›

An infusion of new talent in the kitchen at some of the city’s grandest establishments.

Barnyard Brunch ›

Egg, the Tasting Room, and Telepan lead the barnyard bandwagon.

Lunchtime Gourmet ›

With fine-dining prices skyrocketing, lunch is the time to sample gourmet snacks.

Mixology Madness ›

Try a "Spread Eagle," a "Corpse Reviver No. 2.," or another of the city's top cocktails.

Steaks and Chops ›

Sometimes the farm raising the cattle matters as much as the restaurant serving it.

The Big Splurge ›

Extravagant old-world establishments in which to fritter away your hard-earned cash.

And Desserts ›

The ever-expanding category of preciously overwrought dessert-bar confections.