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Adam Platt's Where to Eat 2009: The Simple Pleasures. Chefs all over town are replacing foie gras and truffles with comfort food, fresh local ingredients, and bargains. Happily, modesty can be delicious.
Recession Gourmet ›

How does a talented young chef beat the great restaurant downdraft of ’09?

Cut-Rate Asian ›

In these rapidly downsizing times, noodles are all the rage.

Burger Madness ›

Options for this burger-obsessed age, from the messy to the elegant.

Haute BBQ ›

Upmarket chefs are incorporating down-home cooking techniques.

Neighborhood Feasts ›

Uptown talent is migrating to cramped downtown kitchens.

Speakeasy Chic ›

Follow the rest of the would-be hipsters to these retro joints.

Big, Fat Italian ›

Frippery is out and good old-fashioned gusto is back.

The New Brooklyn Cuisine ›

Adding to the honor roll of sainted outer-borough dining destinations.

The UWS Renaissance ›

It's no longer a culinary disaster zone where formerly promising chefs crawl off to die.

Breakfast Ramble ›

Start the day with hamburger sliders and a small mountain of scrambled eggs.

Good Old Steaks and Chops ›

The best in ritualized steak-parlor excess. Plus: The top non-steakhouse steak dish.

Stripped-Down Makeovers ›

The no-frills Greenmarket sensibility continues its inexorable march across the fine-dining landscape.

Bargain Mania ›

You don’t have to spend like a king to dine like one.

And Finally, for Dessert ›

Finish on the right note.


Best of New York Food

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Foie gras, fish tongue, and uni.