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Adam Platt's Where to Eat 2010: The essential survey of really good food in New York right now.
Hotel Chic ›

A return to the days when great restaurants were affiliated with grand hotels.

Celebrity Chic ›

The latest offerings from Graydon Carter, André Balazs, and Keith McNally.

Seafood Renaissance ›

Food pundits were wrong about the death of the grand old seafood restaurant.

The Haute-Burger Stampede ›

The year in upscale burgers from Bill’s Bar & Burger, Table 8, and more.

Unexpected Gourmet ›

The pleasures of Aldea, Seäsonal, and Sho Shaun Hergatt.

Southern Comfort ›

Southern-fried cooking, in its greasy, queasy glory, is all the rage.

Second Acts ›

Talented chefs have reinvented themselves in a variety of unlikely ways.

Bull-Market Italian ›

Feast in these restaurants and you’d think the Great Bust barely happened.

Breakfast Largesse ›

Where to get the best bacon, duck eggs, English breakfast, and more.

Recession Specials ›

Deals and bargains on steaks, noodles, and sandwiches.

Destination, Brooklyn ›

Food for an era of dissipated expense accounts and scruffy-chic backyard cooking.


Best of New York Food

best foodEating

Foie gras, fish tongue, and uni.