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Adam Platt's Where to Eat 2011: The essential survey of really good food in New York right now.
Grandma’s Italian

Nonna’s old-fashioned, home-style cooking is the defining style in Italian food.

Portuguese? Yes, Portuguese …

… and Peruvian, and Basque. The city is awash in far-off delicacies.

Beef Is the New Pig …

The good old-­fashioned New York beefsteak is making a comeback.

The Great Food-Hall Invasion

Warehouse-size specialty-food temples seem to be as common as pizza joints.

Eye-Opening Breakfasts

There’s no better way to start the day than with one of these grand spreads.

Tasty Tasting Menus

Ambitious chefs are pouring their energies into omakase-style dinners.

Big Openings and Second Acts

Every new restaurant year has its grand debuts and high-stakes openings.

…Or Veggies Are the New Meat

Vegetables, in all their local and seasonal glory, have never been more celebrated.

Southern-Fried Brooklyn

What saavy locals are eating at the Commodore, Fatty ’Cue, and Seersucker.

The Elevated Sandwich

These days, in haute-comfort-food circles, gourmet sandwiches are all the rage.


Best of New York Food

best foodEating

Foie gras, fish tongue, and uni.