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Brooklyn's Ascension
Is Official

These days, it's jaded Manhattanites who are making the slog out to Talde, Blanca, La Vara, and more.

Foraging Is Now an Urban Obsession

The grand chefs seem to find their inspiration while hiking through meadows or curing esoteric tubers.

The Comfort Food of the Moment Is Sandwiches

Chez Sardine, Back Forty West, and Parm embrace messy, nourishing, high-end sandwiches.

Change Is the New Stasis

To keep up in today’s fickle culinary landscape, restaurants are adapting at dizzying speed.

All the Good Italian Joints Are Downtown (And Tiny)

Perla, Angolo Soho, L'Apicio, and Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria pack trendy pastas into small rooms.

Asian Hipster Cuisine Has Replaced Asian Fusion Cuisine

An endless, ever-expanding list of noodle joints, neo-dive bars, and comfort-food ventures.

Old-School French Food Has Risen From the Dead

Some of the most trend-conscious eaters in town are booking tables at NoMad, Boulud Sud, and Calliope.

Tasting Menus Are the New,
Well, Menus

As ambitious young cooks compete for eaters' attention, the options have never been more profuse.

Breakfast Has Gone Global

The city is awash in so many inventive creations that it’s hard for breakfast mavens to keep track.

Uptown Extravagance Isn’t Quite Back

But $55 steaks are gradually reappearing. As are haute pasta outlets and excellent gastropubs.


Best of New York Food

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Foie gras, fish tongue, and uni.