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The Five Best New Chefs

Illustration by Jean Jullien   

Matthew Lightner
When most of his colleagues are hunkered down, playing it safe, it’s refreshing to see a cook shoot for the stars and succeed.

Carlo Mirarchi
With his own high-profile kitchen, this former outer-borough underground legend enters the big time.

Justin Smillie
Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria
There are pasta wizards in this town, and there are accomplished meat cooks. Smillie is that rare young chef who is both.

Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern
This inspired Brooklyn tag team proves that every once in a while, two cooks in the kitchen are better than one.

Andy Ricker
Pok Pok Ny
The James Beard winner isn’t really a New York chef, or new. But we’re glad to have him in town.