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Hi, I'm Adam Platt, Your Restaurant Critic on Why I'm Abandoning My Disguise.
Bar Food Becomes an Entrée

There has never been a better time to belly up to your local gin den, or whiskey joint, or noodle bar for a feast.

Sushi Goes Tuna-Belly Up

For a new generation of big-money diners, o-toro tuna belly is the ultimate power food.

The Taco Is the Burger

These days in the city’s voracious, ever-widening comfort-food community, the lowly taco is all the rage.

Seafood Feeds the Locavore

Top-notch chefs are focusing on local, East Coast Atlantic seafood dishes like never before.

A Word From Ms. Platt,
Miss Platt, and Miss Platt

The Platt girls have morphed into full-blown restaurant snobs, with their own voluble opinions on everything.

Steak Trumps Bolognese

My portly pasta-loving friends can’t stop talking about old-fashioned rustico-protein specialties.

Brooklyn Sells Out, Tastefully

More Kings County chefs seem to be expanding their successful franchises by leaps and bounds.

Southeast Asian Becomes the Go-To

Thanks to the success of the Pok Pok empire, it’s the region’s turn for fifteen minutes of culinary fame.

French Extends Its Encore

The great postmillennial French-restaurant boom shows no signs of abating.

Dessert Mania Wasn’t Just
About Cronuts

For a moment, let’s ignore Dominique Ansel and his half-croissant, half-doughnut Internet sensation.


Best of New York Food

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Foie gras, fish tongue, and uni.