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The Final Act
Bush accepts the nomination and New Yorkers survives a deluge of Republicans and protesters. Chris Smith wraps it all up.

George and the Jungle
The Republicans are leaving New Yorkers with unexpected emotion: envy.

  Write Your Own Acceptance Speech in 8 Easy Steps
Former presidental speechwriters explain. 

How Hustler Is Covering the Convention
We also checked in with High Times, US Weekly, and YM.


The Bush Legacy
If Bush's presidency ended today, what would it be? We asked three famous New Yorkers.

  This Balloonist Won't Blow It
The RNC balloon guy says he's got it under control.

How are activists monitoring civil disobedience by cell phone? A sampling of the reports.


Ask Ed
Are there any plays on Broadway not about Jews or gays?

  Vox Pop
Have you had it yet with this convention business yet?
  Playing the Odds
Will Bush Win? Will Kerry win? Will Heniz Kerry lose her temper?
  What's on Your Datebook?
Al Franken plans on telling hilarious jokes (and doing a few more things).
    The Ticker
The number of people arrested...the number of times Dick Cheney has referred to John Edwards as sexy...
Girlie Men Need Not Apply: He's the muscle of the GOP. But is Dick Cheney really man enough to follow Arnold?

Dick Cheney's Extreme Makeover: We assembled a tream of makeover mavens to find out what it would take to create a kinder, gentler Dick. 

Looking for Mr. Right: Republican scribe Peggy Noon just can’t seem to suppress the breathless swoon conservative politicians stir in her.

I Want Candy: A Q&A with one of the most influential reporters of the campaign. (Just ask Karl Rove.)

The Big Question: Is Dick Cheney a liability to the presidential ticket? Three political operatives weigh in.

Vox Pop: Do the protesters protest too much?

Ask Ed: Where should I go for souvenirs?

Stray Talk: Convention chatter.

Playing the Odds: Will McCain win the Republican nomination?

What's on Your Datebook?: Phyllis Schlafly shares her plans for the day—from an Ice Cream social to a party at Tavern on the Green.

Intelligencer: Why some strategists want to see more of Michael. Plus, Pataki's new political friend and the first journalist to get a free facial.

Eyewitness: Photos of the Doles in MSG and protesters all over the city.

Talking Points: Following Mike Murphy, Schwarzenegger script doctor, on the convention floor.

Wednesday's Lineup: Who's speaking at the convention today? We'll tell you what to expect—and what's at stake.

And They're Off: Rudy's crowd-pleaser starts the 2008 race. It may also be the high point of his career. Here's the lowdown on the Republican bid for the presidency—in 2008.

Living with Rudy: Marital problems once forced Giuliani out of Gracie Mansion and into the apartment of his gay friend and life partner. We asked the friend about picking up after Rudy.

Moore, Less: The strongest emotion on the first night of the convention—a night constructed to milk every undeniably tragic and uplifting sentiment generated by September 11, 2001—was provoked by, of all people, Michael Moore...

Show Me the Money: George W. Bush recently complained about billionaires writing large checks to influence the election. Luckily, the checks are going mostly his way.

God Bless (Miss) America: The outspokenly pro-life, defiantly abstinent party girl.     

The Third Way: There are Republicans and Democrats. And then there are New Yorkers.

Playing the Odds: Will the President win Florida? Will Nader win more than two percent?

The Big Question: What's the best way for the GOP to deal with the protests?

Ask Ed: It's been a long day of speeches and caucuses. Where to go for a cocktail?

Vox Pop: What's the best time you've had since coming to New York? What's the worst?

Hot Zones: The radical protesters who have designated Tuesday a day of "direct action" will focus their fury on familiar targets.

Intelligencer: For sale at MSG's concession stands are decks of cards poking fun at Democrats, but the GOP also comes in for harsh treatment....

What's on Your Datebook?: Hostess Georgette Mosbacher shares her plans.

Tuesday's Lineup


A Quiet Riot: Yesterday, hordes marched peacefully. Tonight, Rudy puts on the gloves.

"Mr. Pootie Poot, the President's on the Line...": Our Dubya decoder.

A Better Baldwin?: The beleaguered GOP bookers score a Baldwin brother.

Intelligencer: Could Judith Miller be heading to jail? The verdict on "R: The Party" and Robert Novak vs. Jon Stewart?

Eyewitness: Photos from the weekend before the convention.

The Protesters and the Police: The things they carry.

The Big Question: What's your survival tip for the convention?

Vox Pop: Is New York really part of America?

Ask Ed: I've never been to New York. Any advice?

The Most Important Election (since the last one): You've heard it all before.

Today's Odds: Will Osama Be Captured or Killed Before the Election?

Datebook: Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS)

Monday's Lineup: Who's speaking at the convention today? We'll tell you what to expect—and what's at stake.


The Elephant in the Room
The ways in which Michael Bloomberg confronts and sidesteps that reality will make for the most fascinating, unpredictable politics in an otherwise tightly scripted week. (August 26, 2004)

Protest Barometer
You know Bush must go but which protest is right for you? After carefully considering factors such as crowd rage, proximity to the GOP Zone, and potential for outlaw activity, we've laid out your options. (August 26, 2004)

We Played Booker...
What would celebrities say if they were asked to perform for the GOP? We asked. (August 26, 2004)

What Is a Convention of Republicans Doing Here Anway?.
As the city braces for a dual invasion, New Yorkers are heading for the hills. (August 26, 2004)

The Bush Twins Take Manhattan
The red-state twins are princesses of the blue-state night. (August 26, 2004)

Queen of the Protesters
Cheri Honkala, a rabble-rouser with the mind of an expert flack, is the activist's activist. (August 26, 2004)

The Virgin Delegate
Do we have Common ground with the delegates who will soon be our guests? A one-man welcome wagon from Brooklyn sets off to find out. (August 26, 2004)

New York Is Bush Country
The First Family's local roots. (August 26, 2004)

Can You Spot a Republican?
Can you tell at a glance if someone’s a Republican or a Democrat? A quiz. (August 26, 2004)

Escape from the Zabar's Left
Confessions of a genuine Upper West Side conservative by Adam Bellow. (August 26, 2004)

How to Look Fab in a Mob
Our nonpartisan panel doles out style advice for both sides of the barricades. (August 26, 2004)

Q&A with the Party Guy
The GOP fund-raiser on his New York bashes: “Maybe I’ll try to get Paris Hilton there.” (August 26, 2004)

Rudy & Arnold: Repo Republicans
The reasons why the GOP never seals the deal with its own best cleanup men. (August 26, 2004)

Harlem Vs. Staten Island
How does the city's most heavily Democratic area compare with the one that delivered more votes to Bush than any other NY district? (August 26, 2004)

Republicans on New York
"New York is a different country. Maybe it ought to have a separate government. Everybody thinks differently, acts differently." (August 26, 2004)

Burning Man or RNC?
Protesters are torn between dancing in Nevada and demonstrating in New York. (August 23, 2004 issue)

Norman Mailer and Son on the Protests
A conversation between a man of legendary fury and his son preparing to go to the barricades. (August 9, 2004 issue)

Bush's Champion
Don King on why blacks should vote Republican. (August 9, 2004 issue)

The George W. Bridge
How does the new Eighth Avenue span stack up against its famous forebears? (July 21, 2004 issue)

Republican Walking Tour
Those who wish to venture even farther afield than the official off-site entertainment schedule for GOP delegates might take this stroll. (July 19, 2004 issue)

Inside the Anarcho-Bureaucratic Protest Movement
For protesters, the Republican convention is the opportunity of a lifetime. The only question is, to do what? (May 17, 2004 issue)

How to Care for an Angry Mob
Ray Kelly and the NYPD have bigger things to worry about than, say, a few hundred thousand protesters. (May 17, 2004 issue)

Young and Republican in NYC
Emboldened by Bush, and undeterred by Bush-bashers, they’re even talking about turning the Upper West Side into (gasp) GOP country. (January 12, 2004 issue)

Meet the Conventioneer
Introducing Bill Harris—Alabama conservative, Civil War buff, and dove hunter in charge. (December 8, 2003 issue)


The Convention Kicker
As New York Magazine reporters file stories from the convention floor, the parties, and the protests, we'll post the dispatches on our blog. Plus, check the headlines from other convention blogs.

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The Convention Floor
The seats, the signs, the hats, the cameras.

Photos from the United for Peace & Justice March
Seventh Avenue was a sea of protest signs on Sunday afternoon. From city canines to grannies with gumption, here's who turned out.

Day 3: Doles & the Protesters

Day 2: Georgette Mosbacher, Oscar de La Renta, and more.

Day 1: Protests & Delegate Arrivals


Where's Britney? (Arnold Shouldn't Have to Be the Only Star)
By Steve Fishman
The convention proved, in the memorable words of the Bush twins, just how “unhip” the Republicans are.

Anchor Steam
Why Tom wants his OWN presidential debate. Plus, Ben Bradlee's 83rd birthday bash left notable names (Barbara Walters, pictured) peeved.
Exclusive Poll: What They Really Think of Us
Our red-state guests say we’re arrogant, pushy, and promiscuous. Rudy, they love.

The RNC Index
How much cash did Bloomberg personally pony up? The convention by the numbers.

Show Me the Money
Hookers aren’t the only ones who’ll be seeing action this week.

Routes to Avoid Penn Station
What are your options? We've mapped out several alternatives.

Transit Check: Changes in Service
What to expect when it comes to catching buses, subways, and taxis.

Tips from a Chatty Cabbie
Mike Acerno, a cabbie since 1966, on how to “play the streets.”

Hookers and Strippers Prep for a Busy Workweek
Sex workers in Manhattan are anticipating a dramatic upswing in business late this month, begging the age-old question: Which party is the kinkiest?

GOP Bar Buzz
From special convention cocktails to strip club reviews...

Where will you be tonight?
The Best Fêtes
NYC's Top 25 Bars and Clubs