(Day 4)
Q: Are there any plays on Broadway not about Jews or gays?
Ed Koch: Hmmm. I’d have to look at the papers. I go mostly to movies. I’m a movie critic, so I’m not the expert on theater. But there are lots of good shows out there. Blue Man Group has been around for, I don’t know, five, six years [editor’s note: The show has been running since 1990], and everybody loves it. That’s one. Chicago is special. The dance and the jazz. The dance routines are just extraordinary. And the jazz.
(Day 3)
Q: I need mementos for the folks back home. Where should I go for souvenirs?
Ed Koch: Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and pick up a couple of ties. They’ve got the best in town: They’re cheap—only $75 each, and as good as Hermès ties at $120. The other things I buy there are reproductions of great artwork—sculptures. I have every horse in their collection, about seven or eight of them. Miniaturized. They’re wonderful to have, and they’re like $250 apiece. Go there. Go, go, go.
(Day 2)
Q: It’s been a long day of speeches and caucuses. Where to for a cocktail?
Ed Koch: Go to the hotels. The Regency at 61st Street is a terrific place. Or the … I’m repressing the bar … at 59th? Donald Trump once owned it. The most famous hotel in the city. I can’t remember the name … the Plaza! I don’t know of any near Madison Square Garden. I don’t go to that neighborhood.
(Day 1)
Q: I've never been to New York, and I don't know what to expect. Any last-minute advice?

Ed Koch: I would say to any delegate: Don’t hesitate to ask for directions. New Yorkers want to be helpful. If you reach out, you will receive friendly advice. That’s No. 1. But I would put my wallet in the inside pocket of my jacket. It’s easier to safeguard than if it’s in your back pocket.

Published on September 2, 2004.