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  Intelligencer: Why Ben Bradlee's birthday bash left Barbara Walters peeved.

  Meet the Press: How Hustler, High Times, US Weekly, and YM are covering the convention.

  Talking Points: The convention proved, in the memorable words of the Bush twins, just how “unhip” the Republicans are.  

  The Big Question: If Bush's presidency ended today, what would it be?  

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  9:30 A.M. Sy Sternberg brunch honoring senators Frist, Santorum, etc.—Pierre Grand Ballroom

11 A.M. FEDPAC Laura Bush tribute—Marriott Marquis

Sparks Steak House—Roy Blunt lunch

2 P.M.
Bloomberg event in honor of Congressional Spouses, Gracie Mansion

3 P.M. WNRC Key Leader Reception for top women in the Republican Party

5 P.M. Governor Pataki’s night under the stars, Tavern on the Green

5:30 P.M. Tom DeLay reception, Studio 450

6 P.M. Recpt at David Koch’s hm in honor of John Warner and Kit Bond

6:30 P.M. Temple of Dendur event for Sen. Bill Frist

8 P.M. Blue Fin Dinner W/Abby & Roy & Kit Bond

11:15 P.M. Live on NY1 from MSG

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Published on August 31, 2004.