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The Third Way
There are Republicans and Democrats. And then there are New Yorkers.
By Alexandra Marshall
      Republicans   Democrats   New Yorkers
  Thing You Pretend to Care About   The Middle Class   The Poor   The Rest of the Country
  Secret Source of Shame   Racists   Teamsters   The Hilton Sisters
  First People You Screw Over   Libertarians   African-Americans   Cabbies
  You've Finally Turned Your Back on...   David Duke   Ralph Nader   Liza Minnelli
  Trophy Blonde   Ann Coulter   Vanessa Kerry   Ashley Olsen
  Fallen Icon   Newt Gingrich   Marion Barry   Woody Allen
  Grumpy Old Man   Dick Cheney   Robert Byrd   Lou Reed
  Embarrasing Relative   Neil Bush   Teresa Heinz Relative   Kimora Lee Simons
  Costliest Mistake   Watergate   Monicagate   The Time Warner Center
  Great Get!   Zell Miller   Howard Stern   A-Rod
  Power Behind the Throne   Karl Rove   George Soros   Harvey Weinstein
  In-House Diva   Joan Rivers   Barbra Streisand   Rudy Giuliani
  Bartender's Nightmare   The Bush Twins   The Kennedys   Steve Dunleavy
  Belle-Lettrist   Norman Podhoretz   Graydon Carter   Cindy Adams
  Sketchy Socialite   Arianna Huffington   Arianna Huffington   Fabian Basabe
Published on August 31, 2004.