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Friday 27
Blue = Democrats/Protesters   Red = Republicans
Time   Event
2 p.m. Crossing of New York Harbor
The Greene Dragon protest group, named after the tavern where Paul Revere and Sam Adams conceived the Boston Tea Party, stages this crossing (on the Staten Island Ferry) “to liberate New York from the Bush loyalists and America from its corporate monarchy.” Staten Island Ferry, St. George Terminal.
7 p.m. The Anti-Convention Concert
Williamsburg's Warsaw rock club hosts the last of a pair of shows benefiting Not In Our Name, an anti-Bush group dedicated to defending civil liberties and opposing war. Tonight's gig features Trio Soulive and Kaki King. Warsaw, 261 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn, $28.
7 p.m. The Right Stuff
Sample humor: “Now they’re calling illegal aliens undocumented workers. Soon they’ll be calling burglars unwelcome houseguests.” Laugh Factory, 669 Eighth Avenue, $20.
7 p.m. RNC Critical Mass
Once a month, the environmental group TIME'S UP hosts a "critical mass," in which thousands of bikers and inline skaters take to the streets. For this special RNC edition, expect a slow, disruptive ride up Eighth Avenue into tourist-heavy midtown, wrapping up with an info-sharing party at Pier 63's Frying Pan. North end of Union Square. See the Protest Barometer.
Plus: Our Guide to the City's Politically Charged Artistic Offerings
Published on August 19, 2004.