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(September 2, 2004)
Will George W. Bush Win The 2004 Presidential Election?

ODDS 5-7

Will John Kerry Win The 2004 Presidential Election?

ODDS 1-1

Will Teresa Heinz Kerry Lose Her Temper During One Of The Debates?

ODDS 2-1

Will George W. Bush Utter The Term "Evildoers" Before November 2?

ODDS 1-5
(September 1, 2004)
Will John Mccain Win The Republican Nomination In 2008?

ODDS 10-1

Will Rudy Giuliani Win The Republican Nomination In 2008?

ODDS 2-1

Will Dick Cheney Be Replaced Before The End Of A Second Term?

ODDS 5-1

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger's Speech Get Higher Ratings Than President Bush's?

ODDS 5-1
(August 31, 2004)
Will President Bush win Florida?

ODDS 5-8

Will The U.S. Find Weapons Of Mass Destruction Before The Presidential Debates End?

ODDS 3-1

Will Ralph Nader Win More Than 2 Percent Of The Popular Vote?

ODDS 1-1

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Win The 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination?

ODDS 150-1
(August 30, 2004)

Will Vice-President Cheney Be Dumped From The 2004 Republican Ticket?

ODDS 50-1

Will Osama Bin Laden Be Captured Or Killed Before The 2004 Election?

ODDS 2-3

Will George Bush Mispronounce The Word ‘Nuclear’ Before Nov. 2?

ODDS 1-10

Will The Supreme Court Decide The Outcome Of The 2004 Elections?

ODDS 20-1

Published on August 30, 2004.