The Lineup: Wednesday
  7 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.          
    Rick Santorum
The right-wing standard-bearer from Pennsylvania straddles a difficult divide: throwing rhetorical red meat to restive hard-core conservatives without reminding them of the reasons (soaring government spending, a moderate convention lineup, etc.) they’re agitated in the first place.
    Elaine Chao
As the designated poster girl of the GOP’s ballyhooed “compassionate conservative” wing, the Asian-American Labor secretary steps forth to argue that the party is receptive to the needs of minorities, women, and workers.
    Michael Reagan
The syndicated radio talk-show host and son of the late president tries to undo the damage wrought by his Bush-bashing brother at the Democratic convention and get the Reagan wing of the party excited about W. This is a no-stem-cell zone!
    Kerry Healey
The female lieutenant governor of Massachusetts paves the way for her boss, Mitt Romney, softening his upcoming Kerry attack to make it more palatable for women who like expansive federal programs and might be turned off by the harsh “Ted Kennedy liberal” broadsides.
    Mitt Romney 
The telegenic governor of Massachusetts (Kerry turf) has two goals: offer Bush an East Coast moderate’s seal of approval, and present an I-was-there take on Kerry as a wild-eyed, tax-and-spend liberal.
    Zell Miller
The conservative Democrat from Georgia stages his one-man show—I Only Call Myself a Dem Because If I Switched Parties I’d Be Just Another Republican Hack— before its biggest audience yet. Watch GOP message machines spin so hard about the party’s bipartisan inclinations that they levitate.
    Lynne Cheney
The vice-president’s high-strung wife faces an uphill challenge: convincing an increasingly skeptical America that her dour husband has a soft and tender side. Maybe they should have asked daughter Mary to speak instead.

    Dick Cheney
The embattled but defiant veep does the heavy lifting, bashing John Kerry on everything from his voting record to the height of his bouffant, even as he drives home the point that the Democratic challenger is woefully unqualified to lead the nation in dangerous times.


Designated Attack Dog
Big Tent
Right-Wing Christian
Terror Alert
Swing Set
Appeals to Swing Voters/Independents
Red Meat
Appeals to GOP Base
Royal Elephant
Cabinet Member/Party VIP
Published on September 1, 2004.